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boinkadoink's Journal

I'm a force-a-nature
Name: Luunna
I don't have a main journal lol :V

Name: The RED Scout (Tyler McCormick, fanon name)
Age: Seventeen.
Series: Team Fortress 2
Gender: Male

Appearance: The Scout is young - Young, with a fairly narrow face and a broad nose. His eyes are a pale blue, with dark brown hair underneath his black baseball cap. His hair is short - Buzzed along his ears and the back of his head, but growing longer and shaggier the closer to the top of the head one gets. He wears a bright red, sleeveless shirt, baggy black pants and long socks, complete with a pair of parallel red stripes near the kneecap. His sneakers are armed with cleats along the bottom, black and lined with chewed rubber from his extensive running. A black duffel bag is slung over his shoulder at all times, strapped to his back. A pair of dog tags jingle against his chest when he moves. He wears a black baseball cap, with a square body and a fairly long bill. Atop the hat, is an orange earpiece, with a spindly microphone positioned at his mouth. Overall, he's lean, and what muscle he has is positioned at his legs from a lifetime of running. He has a slight underbite, causing his front teeth to appear a little prominently, but he's never minded it. During battle, the quick Scout is almost always seen with a bat, a sawn-off shotgun or a pistol.
Personality: The only word needed to describe the Scout's personality is cocky. Cocky, arrogant, outspoken, loud, rude, irrational and uncaring. He isn't seen as unintelligent for his rash actions, and known to be a natural narcissist. He thinks very highly of himself, and isn't afraid to let other people know it. He doesn't bend to other people's help very easily, and while he's not eager to admit a flaw in his own actions, he'll readily admit when another's done well. He's supportive while he's not being rude, and knows to think quickly in a tight situation.
Abilities: Scout knows how to get under people's skin. He knows just what to do to piss them off, then keeps doing it until he sees his opening. After that, he will exploit that opening to get his way. He can crush a man's skull with his bat and feel next to nothing, except pride at his accomplishment. His most useful skill is running - Scout is quick on his feet, from having to flee from his seven older brothers as a child. He trained himself by running everywhere he went from the age of three, and now has the stamina and speed of a greyhound. While his stupidity gets him into many a pickle, he's also grown used to thinking on his feet, and can devise fast solutions to his problems as he needs them.
Weaknesses: Scout is very rash. He acts purely on his impulses, without thinking the consequences through. He has no tact, and doesn't take manners into consideration while telling someone just what he thinks of them, no matter how much bigger they are. From his narcissism comes a terrible quality of an unwillingness to accept help, or accept that someone doesn't want his help. He hardly thinks of other people unless forced to, and doesn't listen to other people very well.